Faithful Till The End


Three to five players will generate characters in a modern-day/realistic setting. They will generate believable (flawed) human beings with the understanding that things will get darker and more supernatural as the game goes forward. The stranger the details of the PC’s background the more I will require that they ground it with believable faults, quirks and common sense. Role-playing the end of everything is strange enough without having an alien (literal OR metaphorical) as your tour guide.

Unusual Concepts in this game

Character Generation will focus primarily on detailing these two traits:

1) Job/Influence- The Players must come up with an important or notable job or means of influence that their Character holds. A Police Detective or Federal Agent is a classic, if cliched example. A better example would be a small town preacher who has a popular (even global?) audience for his late-night AM Radio/Podcast talk show (focusing on the paranormal?). A suburban mom with small children who leads the neighborhood watch might also qualify. Even a beloved janitor with a faithful following of mallrats would be acceptable. You simply need to detail how you make a living and how you influence people and how those two things relate.

2) Faith, Belief or Proof that The End is Near- Each Character has come to the inescapable conclusion that the world will soon end. I will list some of the many possible options below, although Players should feel free to submit their own:

  • Prophetic Dream: Long ago you first had it. The dream. The one that showed you terrible things. At first they were disjointed, bizarre. But the same dream kept happening, night after night, becoming clearer. Then the bad things in it started to come true. The dream is highly detailed, usually quite specific. It shows how The End will begin. Even worse, it doesn’t show how it will finish.
  • Mad Science: The computer model was Caleb’s finest work. It was perfect; or as close to it as Jolt Cola, some weekend crank and the University’s mainframe could make it. But when you ran the data through, something very bad came out indeed. The world is doomed. Caleb was dead within the week. They said it was suicide, but you are pretty sure they got to him because he tried to warn everyone. You just can’t publish what you want these days, there are rules and etiquette to be followed. And consequences if you don’t.
  • God Told Me: When the Son of God appeared in my room that sunny afternoon, I thought I was dead. I wasn’t really wrong, I just had my timing off by a few years. You see, Jesus explained how things are going to go down and gave me some pretty specific instructions on my role in it. As a consolation prize, he told me how I was going to die. But he also told me that if I fulfilled my role, I would be granted eternal life in Heaven. Only problem is, I don’t believe in God. Thought I was going crazy for a while, but whatever it was I saw, the information was valid. Anyway, I’ll be damned if I’m going to martyr myself for Him. Knowledge is power and I’m going to use it to survive.
  • The Plan: GenTech rarely promotes their younger employees so quickly. There is a certain amount of disbelief that builds up when you are the model employee who is fast-tracking up the corporate ladder. Really, quarter-million a year and stock options? Really, six weeks of paid vacation a year? Really, a car and driver? You are shitting me. Problem is, they weren’t shitting me about the money or anything else. Even worse, they finally told me why they needed my skills so badly. Turns out GenTech and I are going to save the world from the Apocalypse. Well, small parts of it, anyway… We hope.
  • They can never know why you are there. You must wait, watch and listen. You must find out all the details we are missing in our history books and you must stop this thing from coming to pass. We have prepared you for your whole life for this mission. You are finally ready to face our history and change it forever. Remember, if you do slip and tell someone, they will always disbelieve you unless you fail. Do not be so desperate to make a connection with another person that you forgo your purpose. So do not love this life too strongly- love the life that you will have only when you succeed. And when you do, please take this timeline, this unfortunate eventuality with you to the grave. You will be the only one to remember it, but it shall not be grieved.
  • I am going to bring about the end of the world. Is that a bit too dramatic? Of course it is. But it’s also true. I would like to stop this work that I am doing, but I cannot. I was built for this. Call it Fate, call it malignant hypercognitive disorder, call it whatever you want. I have come to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but I’m all outta bubble gum. Now everything is going to burn. I’m really not that mad at people and I’m actually really sorry for all the suffering that is coming, but like a bad chili dog these end-times are coming out one way or the other…

Faithful till the End